Nominating your Ambassador of Peace...

VPCOC solicits your nominations of outstanding individuals who are actively engaged in the prevention of violence in our Orange County community or who have made significant national or international contributions in violence prevention. These persons have the ability to mobilize the critical resources to address the pervasive nature of violence.

Nominees are evaluated based on the following criteria:
    • Leadership through distinguishable service
    • Work as a policy leader, advocate, or peer leader
    • Commitment to the field of violence prevention
    • Impact of the violence prevention work

Award recipients will be honored at the annual VPCOC  Ambassador of Peace Awards luncheon on Friday, June 5, 2015. Each awardee will be introduced to the audience and given an opportunity to speak. Awardees also receive a crystal "Ambassador of Peace" statuette. Please plan to attend with your nominee.To request an invitation for the luncheon, please contact Christine Laehle at

The Nomination Process: 

  1. For those looking to submit their nominee's through an online form, please click hereThe form will guild you through a step-by-step process where we can reliably view your information once you submit. Those looking to attach a vitae will have to e-mail the vitae to
  2. You may also download a PDF form at VPCOC PDF and submit the completed PDF to Please make sure to "Save as" the file with your "Nominee's name" and "your name" in the file after editing your document. For example, if you are nominating "Joe Paul" and your name is "Jennifer Jones," please save as "Joe Paul_ Jennifer Jones.pdf." It is also recommended that you back up any long responses in case you forget to save. 
All submissions must be sent in by Monday March 20 of 2015.