About Us

The Violence Prevention Coalition of Orange County (VPCOC) was established in 1996. It is a countywide affiliation of businesses, community organizations, public and private agencies, and individuals promoting violence prevention through a public health approach in Orange County, California.

Our Mission

Promote the health and wellness of our community by reducing violence

Our Goals

  • Promote policies that prevent violence 
  • Change community norms by establishing non-violence as a desirable behavior 
  • Foster communication and collaboration among community members, stakeholders, and agencies currently addressing violence in Orange County, California 

What We Do

  • Educate about violence and violence prevention at meetings, through "quick fact" sheets, and more 
  • Review important issues and take a stand through our position statements 
  • Increase community awareness about violence and violence prevention 
  • Advocate for violence prevention strategies for individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities and for policies and legislation that support these strategies 
  • Provide resources for helping professionals